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The Hottest Bible Babes of All Time

JESUS CHRIST, Manofest–the power of the Internet is now truly realized with your article. I hope it was worth it though, ’cause you guys are going to hell.

Not only were many of the women of the bible hot, but they really knew how to treat a man. They liked to drink wine, many of them were into sexual immorality and they were topless all the time. On the other hand, many of them were also duplicitous little minxes would use their hotness to trick men into doing things that got them killed. So I guess when you think about it, not a whole lot has changed over the last two thousand years. Man, it sure would be nice to see that whole “topless all day” thing make a comeback though.

#10 Bathsheba - Bathsheba got her name because she looked so hot taking a naked bath that she got King David to commit adultery. She must’ve done something fancy with those bubbles.

#9 Judith – Judith is kind of the hot equivalent of the Lorena Bobbit of the bible. She promised to have dirty naked time with an enemy general in exchange for inside info about the Jewish army. Then the feisty temptress seduced the general by getting him drunk and proceeded to cut his head off.

#8 Queen Esther – Queen Esther was hand picked from thousands of women to be the queen  of the Persian Empire while the other women were sentenced to be prostitutes. Sounds like the Miss America pageant to me.

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