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Cheerleading Coach Fired After Photo Scandal

Casa Robles High School cheerleading coach Carlie Christine was outed as an internet porn pinup (NSFW link) by angry parents of children who didn’t make the team. Basically, parents got jealous at a hot woman and outed her hotness.

Really, that’s the story. I don’t go pushing my ethics on people, but let’s be serious here: isn’t cheerleading more or less a gateway drug into a world of image-conscious, sexed-up girls in dire need of attention? Sounds like the beginning of an amateur modeling career to me. To get pissy at a cheerleading coach for not letting your kid have a place on the squad only hurts the kids’ self-esteem, you idiot parents. You think you might’ve won by getting Christine fired, but now she has nationwide attention for her good looks while your kids still suck and needed their parents’ whining to get anywhere in the world.

Carlie Christine and the Sex Industry = 1

Untalented Kids with Bitchy Parents = 0