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Top 10 Celebrity Perverts

Being a pervert in Hollywood must have its perks, because these stars got away with a lot of shit with little to no repercussions. I’m down for kinky shit too, but man…celebrities ruin all the taboo, barely-legal for for all of us. Bastards.

Sure everybody’s a little perverted, but it usually involves wanting to see She-Ra and Jessica Rabbit tag team the Sunmaid Raisin girl or watching a hot girl take a bath in a tub filled with macaroni & cheese. The following ten celebrities apparently thought they were above the laws of perversion.

They were wrong.

#10 Paul Reubens - Some conspiracy theorists believe that Pee Wee touched his Pee Wee in a XXX movie theater because he thought it was the only way out of being Pee Wee Herman forever. Normal men don’t fire off knuckle children in movie theaters and that’s all there is to say about that.

#9 Bill Clinton – Bill learned one of the most important “man lessons” of life theĀ  hard way (that’s what she said). Never, and I mean never cheat on your ugly wife with a fat woman. Fat women are even crazier than ugly women due to all the mental anguish they self-inflict on themselves and receive from society .

#8 Rob Lowe - Rob is the proud owner of one of the original celebrity sex tapes … the only problem is one of the girls in the tape was 16.

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