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Justice is a Dish Best Served Hot…VERY HOT

In a turn of events that can only happen once a millennium, a male thief in Russia was beaten down and taken hostage by a female hairdresser at the salon he attempted to rob. Once her captive was chained up in the basement of the salon, the hairdresser committed various sex acts with the robber, forcing him to take Viagra then banging the living daylights out of him. Justice served!

From MosNews:

The hairdresser told her scared colleague and the client that she would call the police. But she did not. After work, instead of calling the police, she made her hostage undress.

The perverted hairdresser forced the hostage to take several Viagra tablets. She chained the unfortunate robber with pink furry wristbands and painfully raped him for the next three days.

Nice–I’m gonna rob a Supercuts and see what kind of action I get.