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The Best Family Guy Cameos

Over the years Family Guy has used countless cameos, to the point where I forget the point of the episode I’m watching. Maybe that’s the point.

Anyways, here are the best cameos so far:

The Family Guy loves to give a good skewering, especially when the butt of the joke is a celebrity.

The paparazzi prey doesn’t necessarily deserve it because they’re pompous or ignorant–although those types are certainly shown no leniency–but simply because all limelight hogs can afford to be taken down a peg or two. We here at Screen Junkies salute Family Guy for tackling superstar satire in their trademark no-holds-barred, consequences-be-damned manner by featuring 15 celebrity cameos (real or impersonated) that cut right to the core. They’ll make you laugh and think, but most importantly they’ll make you say to yourself, “Yeah, that is an over-the-top yet surprisingly accurate depiction of that particular person.”

Michael Jackson

We all know M.J. loves to grab his crotch, but he goes just a tiny bit too far in this clip. Okay, a lot too far.

Dennis Miller

Miller is funny because he makes you think. Unless you’re looking for a simple routine about the innate difficulties of married life and not a political rant stuffed with complex vernacular.

Wilford Brimley

Best known for oatmeal and diabetes, two more diverse things I cannot imagine. He’s also got one helluva fine grey mustache and a commanding vibrato to this voice that makes you weak in the knees.

Also, according to Family Guy, he’s senile.

The Best Family Guy Cameos at Screen Junkies.