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Need Advice? Just Ask My Girlfriend

I loooooove sex, life and relationship advice colums. Its all about the knowledge. You can get advice on how to go down on your chick or your guy. How to enjoy anal or even how to deal with issues in a relationship.

One of my favorite websites is

Here’s a sample question from the site itself:

Guide to the G-Spot

I’ve really been into masturbating lately! I spent four years in an all-girls school and I felt so self-conscious because I shared my room with another student. I tried to sneak one every now and then but I could never get myself to orgasm. Now, I’ve graduated and I’m on my own. I’ve been dating and my sex life in that regard is great. But, when I’m home alone with nothing to do, I masturbate. I’ve also started looking at my vagina in the mirror and pleasuring myself while I do this. Now, I’ve come to a brick wall of sorts. I heard about G-Spot and I know some of my friends can find theirs but I can’t seem to hit mine. I reach orgasm mostly by clitoral stimulation and that’s been fine for me.

But, when I try to use dildos or G-Spot toys, nothing goes on down there. Do I have a G-Spot? How do I find it?

I should show her. (wink wink)