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The Funniest Moments from Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights is an all-time rite of passage, so it’s great to see Uncoached compile the best moments from this deathless classic for our viewing pleasure. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to hit this bowl and blast “You Got the Touch”.

I consider Boogie Nights to be one of my favorite movies. It doesn’t mean that I’ve seen it 100 times, nor would I necessarily want to.  But I have to admit that from beginning to end, this movie simply rules.

Honestly there isn’t one moment in this film that isn’t worth watching. And considering it’s well over 2 hours, that’s pretty impressive.

Also, for a movie that’s got such great drama, you know because of the porn that it’s automatically geared up to be hilarious. And whether it’s intentional or not (clearly I think it is) it doesn’t matter. The comedy in this movie is simply amazing. Here are 6 moments from the movie worth sharing.

You got the Touch

Not only is the song funny but I argue that perhaps the funniest thing in the entire movie is watching John C Reilly dance in the background.  I don’t think that move will ever be replicated in cinema.  Funny how Reilly is now pretty much a comedic actor.  Boogie Nights definitely got him started on that.

It’s My Big D*ck

Any time you hear Wahlberg complain or talk in a high voice it’s funny.  Couple that with him yelling about his penis and acting like the boss, it’s pretty amazing.

Feel My Heat

It doesn’t quite have the “You got the touch” magic in it but hearing Wahlberg wail and Reilly chime in is pretty classic.

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