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The 10 Greatest Celebrity Meltdowns

Although celebrities losing their shit in public is commonplace these days, Manofest‘s list of Celebrity Meltdowns collects the most baffling and inexcusable rants in one easy-to-read article. Watching people lose it never felt so good.

Being a celebrity is kind of like being a puppy. Everyone thinks you’re really cute for a few weeks and then they get tired of them acting stupid and pooping all over the place. Unfortunately we have to watch the painful process of the puppy/celebrity getting older, less attractive and fatter until it’s reached a point where we don’t care about them anymore and get a new puppy. This is when the puppy usually has a meltdown and starts wetting their bed and barking for no reason…just like celebrities.

#10 Tyrant Banks Loses Her Damn Mind - As several of her ex-boyfriends will attest, Hell hath no fury for a Tyra scorned.

#9 Corey Haim Has A Hard Time With Words And Sentences – There’s a very touching moment where Corey says “mum shoo bada swee do ga pooooo” and I think that’s something we can all relate to that.

#8 Alec Baldwin Wins The “Parent Of The Year Award” - I don’t know about you, but I find it comforting to know that Alec is the same neurotic asshole that he pretends to be on TV and in movies.

The Top 7 Greatest Celebrity Meltdowns at Manofest.