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DIY Sex Toy: Thigh Exerciser

If you have an extra ThighMaster and dildo lying around your apartment, you’re in luck. With a little elbow grease and a knack for building odd sex objects, you can make your own Thigh Exerciser for the lucky lady in your life.

Don’t pretend those infomercials don’t give you ideas–all those thighs squeezing tight on hard tubing. We’ve gone one step further. By harnessing the motion and strategic positioning of this exerciser we’ve created a simple yet elegant human-powered love machine. Have some extra fun while burning off inches and calories. Not available in stores!


ThighMaster-style exerciser
Vibrator or dildo
Bicycle reflector with adjustable seatpost bracket
Rubber shim
L-shaped metal bracket with three holes
Utility knife
Assorted nuts, bolts, and washers

Instructions on making the Thigh Exerciser at Homemade Sex Toys.