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SportsCenter’s Best Baseball Catch Phrases

Without sports commentators, us sad sacks watching the games from home wouldn’t be able to vicariously live through the people attending. That, and we would never be able to hear such gems as “It’s a cowhide joyride!” Here are Sloshspot‘s picks for SportsCenter’s Best Baseball Catch Phrases.

Baseball season is here and we couldn’t be happier. And even though this might mean it’s time to switch to light beer or vodka tonics for a few months, life seems more bearable overall. We had the good fortune of attending the Angel’s season opener this Monday night, and while watching Bobby Abreau’s first home run with the Halos, we couldn’t help but think about what our favorite commentator Kenny Mayne would have to say about the situation. Here are our favorite baseball quips from those clever boys over at Sportscenter:

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