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Household Items to Use When Getting Naughty

And by naughty I meant getting laid. Not everyone can afford to buy whips, clamps, and whatnots. So why not use household items instead?

Sexual Mastery has provided a list of household items for you to use on your chick and impress her with your skills.

1. Belt

Look in your closet.

Don’t waste barrels of money on collection of toys from your local sex-shop. Simply grab your belt from a closet and have fun!

Look at it closer. It’s not just a simple belt anymore. You can use it for many different things during intercourse or oral sex–you will be amazed how many things an ordinary can belt accomplish. Use your belt to tie up your partner’s hands to a bed for some bondage action, use it to smack your girl (or guy) on her backside (just don’t get too excited with it).

What you say? You have more than one belt? Alright Mr. Spend-A-Lot, how about using few of your belts to tie her hands and feet or tie each other up?

I told you this belt was magical!

2. Old Clothes

Clothes make the man. Girls have TONS of clothes that they wore for one time and are ready to throw them out. Why not to use them for the last time?

Ask your girl to put on some old clothes that she wanted to throw away for some time now and have a blast tearing them off of her. Just make sure that she is wearing clothes that she doesn’t mind having to throw away afterward.

Just throw her on the bed and rip those clothes off!

Old pair of jeans.

Girls, do you have a pair of old jeans? Excellent!

Use your fantasy and create from those long old jeans a pair of Daisy Duke shorts.

Cut them short… In fact, cut them so short that they’re almost obscene. And how about putting that white t-shirt and pouring some water on it, just to add a little more fun…

I guarantee that after your guy sees you, you won’t be wearing them long…

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