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Athletes Looking Like Jackasses Off the Field

Seeing your friend make an ass of themselves is awesome, but nothing is better than watching a high-paid professional do something stupid on camera.

Call it karma, call it whatever you want, but I feel so satisfied when rich people fuck up. Still, finding an incriminating photo or video of these people failing at life is like finding a white whale, so major props are given to Uncoached for compiling their favorite videos of Athletes Looking Like Jackasses Off the Field.

Let’s face it. No matter what an athlete is capable of doing on the field, he or she is still a human being.  And they just as likely to look like a jackass as the rest of us.  It’s just a little bit harder to catch them in the act.

But thanks to some stalkers, interviewers, and athletes who flat out don’t care what they look like, I’ve managed to compile 8 videos that reveal the “jackassier” side of some professional athletes.

Some videos you may have seen but I guarantee that some you haven’t.

Larryoke 2008 – Matt Cassel does New Kids

Pretty boy Matty’s got the right stuff.

Albert Haynsworth is Awesome (Vince Young is Decent)

Haynsworth is amazing in this video.

Big Ben Falls on His Ass Bowling

I’m sure he had too many that night.

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