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Celebrities Caught Doing Drugs on Camera

Oh celebrities–they’re just like us, smoking some weed, doing some recreational drugs. The only difference is that they have an endless supply of their drug of choice and barely get in any trouble when they “get caught”.

Once you become a rich and famous celebrity, there’s pretty much nothing left to achieve in life. Sure, you could use your money and power to help other people, but that takes a lot of time and effort. The sensible thing to do is waste the rest of your life doing drugs and having sex with a lot of other really attractive people. It’s the only true celebrity way of life.

#10 Paris Hilton Smokes The Green Giant –

We don’t have to worry, it will only be a few more years before Paris accidentally dies drowning head first in a toilet.

#9 Snoop Dogg Smokes It Like It’s Hot –

There really is nothing like smoking weed with 30,000 of your closest friends.

#8 Lindsay Lohan Pretends To Be A Coke Whore –

I guess the good news is that apparently doing cocaine makes a woman’s boobs bigger.

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