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Top 10 Ugliest Kicks of the Past 20 Years

Call me clueless, but I don’t understand the limited-edition sneaker fetish. When a company purposely makes something a “collectors item”, they ruin the whole point of collecting–it’s supposed to be about the legwork and scoring a gem on the cheap, like an overlooked dollar bin record. Nike having a limited stock of a sneaker for rarities’ sake? Lame…and expensive. And most of the sneakers in question are hideous. Take a look at YepYep‘s list of Ugliest Kicks.

All the shoe buzz this week is around the upcoming release of the Kanye West designed Air Yeezys (above). Their retail price is $215, but they’ll likely sell out in a hurry, which means you’ll have to pay at least double on eBay.

When asked about these shoes, 17/17 humans surveyed in an official YepYep poll agreed that Kanye should stick to writing robot songs and leave shoe design to the experts. So now that we’re talking hideous, let’s look into other kicks-related eyesores. Below are the Ugliest Kicks Of The Past 20 Years.

#10 – Ato Matsumato

Kanye has been spotted numerous times in these popular Japanese shoes. Not only are these bad boys screaming for a hipster in skinny jeans, but they also clearly influenced some of Kanye’s design in the Air Yeezy.

#9 – BBC Ice Cream Waffle Drips

Pharrell was in the “stick to music” club before Kanye, and it’s still an unsolved mystery why he combined a waffle pattern with a banana drip. They look like the shoes a kid on Double Dare would be wearing.

#8 – Nike Air Sharkleys

What happens when you combine a Dennis Rodman shoe with a Charles Barkley shoe? This mess:

The Ugliest Kicks of the Past 20 Years at YepYep.