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Six Types Of Chats

Consider this the first in what will be many Omegle-based lists. And with good reason–chatting with a stranger will always end up funny or batshit insane., the new website that lets you chat with random strangers, is the newest rage on the Internet. So, we spent a little time chatting with strangers and realized that there are only six different types of conversations that you’ll have on there. And here they are, with examples.

We assure you these are 100% real.

The Internet Meme Chat

A lot of times, people start out a chat with a quote from some film or song, and then they want you to say the next line.

In this chat, someone tried to “Rick Roll” me, (writing out the lyrics of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up) but instead, I just strung them a long for as long as I could until they realized it wasn’t going to be possible.

The Screwing With Foreigners Chat

I would say 75 percent of the people on Omegle are not from the United States.  So, inevitably what ends up happening is, you can’t help yourself from screwing with them, as we did here.

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