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Cutting Edge Retro-Tech

For those techies weaned on antiques and steampunk, this collection is for you.

Since we started our Coolest Retro Devices series, we’ve been receiving many tips and info about bizarre devices from the last century, and even into the 1800s. It’s a great subject; there is something passionate in contemplating retro technology – a strong nostalgia factor, of course, but also a “freedom of design” factor: there were no cast-in-stone design rules yet, and consumer electronics could be as wild and woolly, as consumers wanted them to be:

The Twin-Gramophone set-up, with a valve in the middle, allowing for the groovy cross-fades between the two: early DJ technology?

The Gaumont Chronophone: 1910 – photos by Douglas Self

Japanese consumer electronics catalog from the early 1970s:

Portable LP, combined with solid-state radio (when you need to listen to your records ALL the time), and a 1975 prototype Hi-Fi Sphere (probably should be called “HyFy” nowadays, in light of the recent developments)

(image credit: Josh DiMauro)

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