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Worst Cheap Shots in Sports

Forget sucker punches: these athletes lay down their opposition with brute force…and as cheap as possible. But at least it’s entertaining to watch.

You know the feeling–you’re watching your favorite athlete/team/group of well-muscled men slam against each other for fun, when all of a sudden, your guy goes down. Hard. You can tell by the grimace on his face that he’s in pain.

After 15 replays, a look in the mirror at the grimace on your face leaves you wondering if merely watching the ankle twist, elbow to the head, mis-bent joint has put you in more pain than him.

Over and over you cringe in empathetic horror, but, like a train wreck or the drunk, rhythm-less dude on the dance floor, it’s impossible to avert your eyes…until you see the other dude–you know, the one walking away with the nonchalant smirk that screams “Yeah, I did it” right in your face. Yes, it’s the cheap shot–also known as the one thing in professional sports that brings such godly athletes down to the level of the common pick-up game guy off the street.

Italy vs. Brian McBride’s Face

If you didn’t see the fated Italy/USA game in the 2006 World Cup, you missed a shit show of token Italian diving and red cards, all of which were sparked by this little beauty of an act by De Rossi when he slammed an elbow to the head of USA forward Brian McBride.

Don’t Mess with the ‘Hoft

You already know college hoops are full of cheap shots (except if you’re playing Siena–those three pointers are for real). Take a look at this little beauty taken by Wisconsin’s Joe Krabbenhoft when he set a, um, “screen” against Purdue.

Straight to the Head

Even the clueless probably remember the hit from the 2006 World Cup when Zinedine Zidane, one of the greatest players of all time, punctuated his illustrious career with this exclamation into the chest of Italian Materazzi.

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