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Twenty Fictional Gadgets

The television and movie world have supplied us with enough outlandish gadgets to last a lifetime…and we’re all stuck watching the heroes and villains use them. Sure, some of them may not be possible to replicate in real life, but they said the same about most cutting-edge technology we use today.

Enough is enough–I want my Cornballer now.

What do you get for that person who has everything? Or even the person who has nothing? If you ever watched a television show or movie and thought, “hey that would be cool” or “I want one of those”, then this list is for you. These are the top twenty fictional gadgets that we wish we possessed. Granted, not all of them are all that useful. But at least they’d be great to own.

20. Tricorder

As seen in: Star Trek

Why it’s Cool?: For the more outdoorsy person, comes the Tricorder, a device which can scan an area, interpret and display data from its scans to the user, and record information. Useful to both scientists and weekend adventurers, you’ll never know what you might find in your own backyard. I call dibs on the golden scepters. It’s like a more awesome metal detector!

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