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The Greatest Office Meltdowns

The office meltdown is truly a sight to behold, and even better to be involved in. Some of the following meltowns may be fake (the jury is still out on a few), but all of them are hilarious. I double-dog dare you to commit any one of these.

Let’s face it, most jobs and most people we work with really suck. Seriously, turn to the co-worker next to you and take a good long look at them. They suck, don’t they? Let me guess, they’re stupid, unattractive and they smell like pot roast. Go ahead, throw your scolding hot cup of coffee at them.

Come on, you know you want to. Don’t worry about getting fired, you can get a job at a strip club by the end of the week.

#10 The Laptop Toss –

This is what happens when a man finds out he didn’t get the first overall pick in his fantasy draft.

#9 Copier Finally Gets What It Deserves –

Hell hath no fury for a fat man scorned.

#8 Fat Guy Kills His PC –

Who says a sledgehammer can’t be useful tool around the office.

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