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Sexiest Hot Girl Prank Videos

Usually, pranks and hot babes aren’t mutually exclusive, since pranks are really only funny when they feature fat dumb people shitting their pants. It’s a rarity to see smokeshows getting their karma on, so when you find them you gotta file them without delay. COED knows this, and has done their part:

The only thing better than pulling off the perfect prank is getting pranked by a super hot chick. Sure, you might end up looking like a dumbass afterward, but it’s a hell of a lot better than getting pranked by your d!ckhead roommate. But the best part is that, most of the time, it usually just involves a super-hot chick secretly showing off her goods to ogling guys, who only are “pranked” because they didn’t know they were on camera. In our book, that’s called a good day.

1. Hot Girl Double Pranks Dumb Dude

2. Hot Girl with a G-String Prank

3. Smoking Hot Cleaning Girl Prank

The Sexiest Hot Girl Prank Videos at COED Magazine.