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911 Emergency Beer Call (Audio)

When somebody tries to take your beer away, you must threaten them with the long arm of the law–and that’s exactly what Tampa resident Evon Cavett did.

Cavett called 911 because her roommate was trying to take her precious beer away. Being the sly fox she is, Cavett knew that her complaint may not hold enough weight for the authorities, so she pretends that there’s a drug deal going on in her front yard that must be dealt with, masking her real intentions.

Cavett had already downed six 16-ounce cans of beer and wasn’t finished, which is apparent when you hear the audio. Feast your ears on this gem.

He’s got mad beer, and he bought it for her. Understandable.

And it gets better, folks: Cavett called 911 a second time, telling the dispatcher that cops came over her house for no reason whatsoever. When the dispatcher told Cavett that she herself made the call to authorities…well, you’re better off hearing what happens for yourself. Listen to audio clip two here.

Knowing that her fans want a proper ending to the soon-to-be classic series, Cavett calls a third and final time. End scene, draw the curtains. What a finale.

This story is epic and must be made into a Lifetime Original Movie.