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Top 29 Cities to Live In

To travel the world, experience new cultures, to taste exotic boobs–it is a longtime dream of mine. Consider this a list for mid-20s backpackers/gigolos.

2009 has been a rough year so far.

Financial markets have tanked worldwide, those of us who still have jobs are waiting to lose them, the British Auto Show was canceled, and Gisele got married. It’s all enough to get one dreaming of a fresh start–and what better way to get one than to start a new life in a new city?

It’s with this in mind that brings you our inaugural guide to greener pastures: The Top 29: Best Cities To Live In.

29. Scotland – Edinburgh

Why you should live in Edinburgh

Well-educated and young population

With some incredible history, stunning architecture and a high concentration of cultural venues including art galleries, museums and theaters, Edinburgh is a city where you can experience something new every night of the year. In addition to the iconic Edinburgh Fringe festival, the city also celebrates jazz, film, television, books, and science annually, and is famous for its wild New Year’s Eve celebrations. Every year Edinburgh also hosts some top-class international rugby during the Six Nations rugby tournament.

It is a prosperous city, with at least three Michelin-starred restaurants, numerous bars and a vibrant atmosphere to cater for the strongest per capita economy in the United Kingdom, outside London. Edinburgh residents are especially affluent, as living costs compare favorably with many cities. The city punches far above its weight, given that some 46% of the 468,000 residents fall into the well-educated, young adult bracket, and it is a city in which romance is obtainable: more than 52% of the population is female.

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Why you should live in Edinburgh in 2009

New green spaces and a stable economy

With the effervescence of the myriad festivals throughout the year constantly bringing in new people and influences, Edinburgh is a city which will remain popular with tourists and young people through 2009 and into the future.

While Edinburgh cannot compete in terms of its weather, it does enjoy a dramatic and verdant environment, a perfect setting to complement the high class entertainment it offers.

The city has recently embarked on an urban forest program, and is also completing a tram network to help reduce its environmental impact. Despite the economic downturn, Edinburgh’s house prices have remained robust, suggesting that the city is well equipped to ride out this storm over the coming months. If you want a lively, exciting, prosperous place to live in 2009, Edinburgh is a city which will provide much of what you are looking for.

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