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Shanghai Sperm Bank is a Man’s Paradise

To some, donating sperm is supporting a worthwhile cause. To others, it’s just getting paid to jack off in a cup. To please both demographics, sperm banks in Shanghai have women on hand to–wait till you hear this one, folks–”assist” the men with their good deed. Yes, these girls will give you a handjob, legally.

And you’ll get paid for it. Isn’t life awesome?

From SlamXHype:

First you need to go for a health check, then 4 days prior your visit to the “free-hand-job-then-get-paid-paradise” you must abstain from sex and masturbation. You can go 4-5 times a month, and each time you will get maximum 3 hand jobs. You will also get paid RMB200 ( US$30 ) at the end of each session for your kindness.

Up to three hand jobs a session 4-5 times a month, at $30 a pop (literally)?

I just came thinking about it.