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Best Sacha Baron Cohen Moments

Pushing the envelope of what’s funny and appropriate is second-nature for Sacha Baron Cohen. In celebration of Bruno hitting theaters later this year, PopEater compiled Cohen’s Best Moments, the hilarious and disgusting.

In its first bout with ratings czars–the MPAA–Sacha Baron Cohen’s new comedy ‘Bruno’ has been granted an NC-17, in part due to scenes of graphic sex. We know by the time ‘Bruno’ hits theaters, it will be toned down enough to earn an R-rating, as NC-17 has long been considered the kiss of death for box office success. But we’re not surprised the envelope-pushing comedian started out with – if you’ll pardon the pun – a bang. We looked back at our ten favorite out-there moments by Sasha Baron Cohen’s various personas. Wow.

10. Bruno vs. Neo-Nazis:

“Do you think there are any skinheads who aren’t gay?”

9. Ali G interviews Posh and Becks:

“Now Scary, is you comfy?”

8. Ali G interviews Noam Chomsky:

“How many words does you know? What is some of them?”

The Best Sacha Baron Cohen Moments at PopEater.