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The Future is Now: Beer Chips

Too long mankind has dealt with beer nuts at local bars. I’m a fan of beer nuts myself, but have always wondered when the next great beer snack would be bestowed upon us. The wait is no longer, now that Beer Chips are here.

From the Beer Chips website:

These babies are thick-cut kettle style chips with a serious coating of sugar and salt and to top it off, covered with a major dose of the world’s most perfect beverage…beer. These guzzle worthy chips provide a common sense answer when the inevitable and life-altering munchies come along and your stomach has taken over the thinking process with the only words it knows is “Beer & Chips”.

Then there’s the Beer Chip flavors: future-classic Beer flavor, Chip Shots (margarita with salt) and Bloody Mary (nice and spicy).

This is the greatest thing since beer, and it’s only fitting that the greatest thing since beer compliments beer, meaning beer is still the greatest. Beer.

[The Bachelor Guy via Beer Chips]