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10 Greatest South Park Characters of All Time

With 13 seasons and running, South Park is still going strong, mostly due to the lasting powers of the following characters from Manofest’s list. There’s a couple characters that I wanted to see get props, but their omissions just spurred me into watching an episode at work, which is awesome in itself. What a Monday.

Some people might argue that Miami Beach is the greatest place to live in America, but they’re wrong. Sure they have the most beautiful women in the country and their cocaine is off the hook, but the city still lacks that certain something. There’s a magical place in Colorado where you can party with the likes of Jesus, Santa Claus or Satan on any given night. You can also kill poor people repeatedly and they always come back to life and there’s talking poop that can sing songs and make you happy. This place is called South Park and it’s the place you stop at right before you get to purgatory.

#10 Terrance & Phillip – Terrance & Phillip have taught us the most important lesson of life. If you’re good at farting, you can accomplish anything.

#9 Big Gay Al – If you see a fat man with a toupee and a mustache on the street, run like hell. They have the ability to turn your skin green and make you like Madonna songs.

#8 Mr. Hankey – We’ve all taken poops that we thought were alive, but none of them could sing like Mr.Hankey. I’ve had poops that looked like the number seven, but they could never sing.

The Greatest South Park Characters of All Time at Manofest.