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Seriously Enviable Office Desk Setups

My desk setup consists of a crappy old monitor, loose CD-Rs and a “failure pin” from Bowlmor Bowling Lanes. Jealous? Not after seeing this setups…

Considering how many people spend the lion’s share of their daily life inside an office, it’s surprising how few of us have taken steps to make our office setups more inspiring. Here we explore seven workspaces so well kitted-out and stylised that they could feature in an episode of “Pimp My Office”.

With the right furniture and accessories, you too can turn your boring, drab office into a “blinging” workspace, fit for a media mogul, creative mastermind or “corporate gangster”.

Danny Choo’s Insanely Geeky Mac Setup

If you died and went to Apple heaven, it would look very much like this, only without the female anime figurines cluttering the place.

This office setup is equipped with all the latest Apple paraphernalia, including two iMacs, two MacBook Pros, a Power Mac G5, a Mac mini and an iPod touch, used as a desk clock.

With the excellent Teleport, the user of this setup can control all of the machines on his or her desk with just one keyboard and mouse. When the cursor is moved off the right-hand side of one screen, it appears on the left of an adjacent screen, allowing all the Macs to be used simultaneously and files to be dragged and dropped between computers.

Pro Photographer’s Dream Setup

This setup is small, but perfectly formed.

Everything from the industrial strength (steel-reinforced) desk, to the sumptuous blue colour scheme, screams style and sophistication. The Apple Mac Pro (Dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon) and the MacBook Pro (2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) are connected by a Firewire 800 shared network and fit seamlessly with the 24” Dell Ultrasharp Widescreen monitor.

The Wacom Tablet (a must for all Adobe Illustrator users) and APC Battery Back Ups, which can run office hardware for 30 minutes in the event of a power failure, provide the finishing touches to this perfectly balanced workspace. The only thing we’re unsure about is the user’s unhealthy obsession with Jackie Martinez: who is she, anyway?

Stefan Didak’s Infamous Geekfest

Eminent Dutch software designer, Stefan Didak, wins the prize for the most excessive use of screens: he uses twelve monitors in a setup which would seemingly suit an octopus better than a human being.

Six 24” monitors (two angled Elizo Flexscan and four HP LP2475w monitors mounted on Ergotron LX arms) form the main focal point of the setup, with three 17” Hyundai monitors, a 19” HP monitor and a couple of laptops on the periphery. Don’t ask Stefan about his electricity bill!

The office has a Behringer audio system, with a Behringer Eurotrack Pro RX1602 16-channel mixer and a Behringer Miniamp Amp800, complete with headphone amplifier, which is just as well considering the huge amount of noise the fans on all this equipment must make.

The brick-textured foam wallpaper is designed to absorb some of this white noise, and looks great under the ambient LED lighting.

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