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Greatest Old-School WWF Promos

This Manofest list is worth it just to see the number one choice. I’ve seen it before, but will never cease to be amazed by it. Two words: HO-GAN.

Professional wrestling just isn’t the same anymore. There’s no more disgusting animal people eating turnbuckles, there’s no snakes or parrots and there’s no more barbers who cut people’s hair off after he beats them.

Wrestlers these days actually look like humans and have human sounding names. It’s sickening.

#10 Jake The Snake Roberts Shower Interview – Because a shower just isn’t a shower unless you share it with your snake.

#9 The Bushwackers Get Bushy – The dynamic duo who proved inbreeding might not be such a bad thing after all.

#8 Jesse The Body Ventura Talks About His Hair – Apparently the key to dating the hottest women in the world is putting red streaks in your hair.

The Greatest Old-School WWF Promos at Manofest.