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Good Things the Internet Has Ruined Forever

Remember when people loved things at face value and didn’t tear them apart and reconstruct them for lulz’ sake? Me neither. Thanks a lot, Internet.

Nostalgia is a funny thing. Usually it serves no other purpose than to make us hate our lives and long for a simpler time. Sometimes nostalgia can actually serve a mirror into our lives and show how really screwed up we really are.

Like, for instance, what life was like before high speed Internet. Sure, our lives sucked then as much as it sucks now, but we blame the Internet for ruining a few things that were once good and holy.

Here’s our list of 9 Good Things The Internet Has Ruined Forever.

9. Rick Astley

Granted, Rick Astley was never the coolest singer ever to hit VH-1, but his cheeziness still endeared him to many folks who listened to music in the 1980s. His biggest hit, Never Gonna Give You Up, was dumb enough to laugh at, but still catchy enough to sing drunkenly at kareoke.

That all changed once one smartass forum commenter decided to trick people into clicking a YouTube link, and then the Rick Roll phenomenon spread like a wildfire of annoyingness. Granted, at first you might have got a chuckle out of Rick Rolling your friends or the New York Mets, but now there’s no fun to be had watching Mr. Astley proclaim his love.

8. Watching TV with Other People

Remember a time when you’d have people over to watch a show or special event on TV? Your non-cable-having friends would mooch off of you and, although it was annoying, it was fun to have viewing parties. With the expansion of broadband and popularity of torrents, everyone can watch shows in the comfort of their office chairs, couches, subway trains… the list goes on.

With the major networks launching sites like or, you can watch most of your shows at your convenience. There are even iPhone Apps that allow you to watch your shows on the go.

Good luck getting your friends to crowd around that.

7. Cats

There was once a time when cats had a peaceful life of eating, sleeping, and ignoring us. Then one day, images of our furry friends with funny captions appeared on the image boards of 4Chan — the most famous caption being “I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER?

Ever since the meme hit the mainstream, there is no rest for our cats. We’ve turned in to the cat paparazzi and have snapped pics of our kitties popping out of ceilings, laundry baskets, and everything in between.

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