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10 Awkward Sex Education Characters

If I had to learn about sex by way of these characters, I’d be horrified of the act. Lucky for me, I older brothers with hordes of porno mags.

We almost let March slip by, dear readers, without having a very serious talk with you. This month is National Talk With Your Teen About Sex Month (seriously), so we feel it’s our obligation to explain a few things. You see, life comes from, well, it’s hard to explain, but this thing happens where, when two people really love each other, and um… Wait, maybe these 10 Awkward Sex Education Characters (NSFW) can do most of the talking.

G.I. Jeff

Because sex dolls can be cool, really.

Australian Adam and Eve-style Sex Ed Dolls

Because sex in the Garden of Eden was so simple.

Sex Ed Doll Family

To educate perfectly normal white middle-class Western kids.

Polygamist, Naturist Sex Doll Family

For that sex ed niche-market of polygamist naturists.

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