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The Hottest Female Celebrity Nerds

It’s a universal fact: all men want is a sexy nerd that will play with their PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii as often as they’ll…yeah you get the idea.

It’s a disease in the female species commonly known as “Ugly Duckling Syndrome.” It’s when a girl begins her life as an ugly tomboy, so she’s forced to hang out with boys and do nerdy boy stuff like playing video games and having underwear fights. As these ugly ducklings get older, they suddenly become really hot and start hanging out with cool people.

For the next five years they date some douche bag lead singer of a band and develop a severe heroin addiction. After the finish rehab, they go back to their old nerdy boy posse and procreate with them.

#10 Alyson Hannigan – The nerdy redhead girl is one of the most common forms of hot nerdy girl. The best part about them is that their genetic makeup makes them insane in the bedroom.

#9 America Ferrera – Ugly Betty isn’t so ugly when she’s not wearing glasses and braces. I don’t know why, but it’s always extremely difficult to focus on America’s face.

#8 Emma Watson – Emma was born to wear a sexy schoolgirl outfit and pretend to be a smart female wizard. I’m also happy to report to the nerd nation that Emma recently said, “I would go nude … it is part of my job.”

The Hottest Female Celebrity Nerds at Manofest.