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Drunk Photos You Don’t Want to Be In

If you treasure your reputation, or at least don’t want to be “that guy”, I suggest you don’t end up like these cautionary examples of drunk photos gone wrong.

There is something to be said for proper documentation of a good night out on the town. There is also something to be said for avoiding that documentation when you become blacked-out on the town, for when you end up passing out in the gutter with your Mardi Gras beads surrounding you and a Las Vegas visor drooping sadly around your neck, it would be ideal if photography did not further complicate the situation.

The “We Do Everything Together

source: Flickr

It is very difficult to maintain the appearance of masculinity while drinking out of a straw. However, when that straw is dipped into the same receptacle as another man, it is absolutely impossible. One’s imagination cannot help but flash back to these young men getting ready to party by passing around the hair gel and shaving each other’s backs, and then flash forward to them curling up, two per double bed, and quietly whispering “goodnight” to one another.

The Less-than-Consensual

source: Flickr

This picture was taken a split second after this guy realized that someone saw him forcing himself on this girl in the sideyard of his buddy’s house. He then got creative and turned it into a joke, and they both somehow mustered up awkward smiles. “Cheers! Huh, huh.”

The Crusty Cosmopolitan

source: Flickr

Being a hardass is not without responsibility. Keeping up the façade of a whiskey swillin’, filterless cigarette smokin’, freewheelin’ sommabitch can be a trying endeavor. Sometimes you just need to cut lose and have a fuzzy navel martini or two. The only problem is that if someone gets a photo of you doing it, your friends are frequently going to remind you, “Hey Carl, remember that one time when you inadvertently acquired a vagina?”

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