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Craziest Rock Star Sex Stories

Rock stars are professional (attention) whores, so it’s no surprise that they’re sexual exploits are anything but normal. Don’t try any of these acts at home, or anywhere for that matter–you’ll hurt yourself, or get the cops called on you.

We post about sex all the time, but when it comes to crazy sex acts nobody does it better or crazier than rock stars. Sure, Playboy Playmates and porn stars may have their moments, but as we found in our research for this post nobody has better sex stories than musicians and the groupies that love them. To prove our point, we’ve compiled this list of the 10 Craziest Rock Star Sex Stories.

10. Motley Crue’s Spaghetti Incident
It’s no surprise that a band with Tommy Lee has some good sex stories, but the craziest of the Crue’s sexual exploits probably revolves around a contest Lee had with bassist Nikki Sixx. The two decided to see who could go longer without showering or bathing and still be able to sleep with groupies.

The challenge wound up lasting for two (disgusting) months, ending when a groupie was so disgusted that she vomited up spaghetti while attempting to perform oral sex on Sixx.

9. A 7-Year-Old Steven Tyler Has Sex With Twins In Church
Aerosmith’s lead singer got an early start on his sexual exploits after meeting a pair of teenage twins in church when he was just 7-years-old. Predictably, Tyler now admits to having a twins fetish.

8. Al Green Listens To His Own Music While Having Sex
We know that Al Green’s music is used by lots of people to set a romantic mood, but there’s something a little creepy about him listening to and getting turned on by his own voice while having sex.

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