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Burgers For When You’ve Given Up On Life

I have not given up on life and want these gargantuan pieces of greasy goodness something fierce. Is it fair to say these burgers lead to obesity? Tasteless “healthy” food causes obesity. Let me know when no-fat, cholesterol free soy burgers w/o the bun taste good. Until then, Baconators all around.

Giving up on life has its benefits, namely wearing sweatpants all day and being able to eat any burger you want. Taking down any one of these five burgers is essentially waiving the white flag on your existence.

The Double Triple Stack Baconator

Combine the infamous Wendy’s “Triple Double” seven patty special order burger with the oh-so-healthy Baconator and you get 7 patties + 14 strips of bacon. A hero named Wes actually took one down on video. To get an idea of what you’re eating we imagine you take the Baconator nutrition facts and triple them.

The Angry Triple Whopper

This combination of Burger King’s Angry Whopper (fried jalapenos = angry) and Burger King’s Triple Whopper could possibly be a myth as we can’t find a picture of one. But it’s kind of hard to believe that not even one person in the midwest has ordered this bad boy. Oh, and nutrition facts are available.

1,360 calories and 91 grams of fat. Nice.

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