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The Most Deranged & Offensive NES ROM Hacks

This list just made my week. Things to do: download every single one of these hacks and invite my parents over for a “classic NES games” party.

The art of ROM hacking is usually one that is most publicized at its most creative, never at its most destructive. Revisiting a classic video game and altering its content (a sacrilegious notion in some gaming circles) has surprisingly lead to some brilliant and beautiful results. You won’t find any of those on this list. See, for every would be Miyamoto there’s 100 socially repugnant high schoolers in a bathroom stall with a Sharpie marker just begging to damage the program. It’s a dark, unexplored corner of the gaming world that will finally get dragged into the light for the first time.

Here are the 20 most deranged and offensive NES ROM hacks, and no, we didn’t make any of them. Even we’re not that messed up.

#20: Blackman 2 – Super Mario Bros. 2 Hack

Burning crosses, Klan robed enemies, and a blunt smoking Luigi? Well somebody is fucked up in the head. You don’t even want to see the lipstick faced chicken head Birdo that appears at the end of the first stage. We’re not sure if this is the most racist ROM hack ever made or if it’s the most vengeful since it’s basically a KKK murder simulator. Considering the cherry power ups are renamed “deez nuts” I’m inclined to go with the former.

#19: Icarus In The Hood – Kid Icarus Hack

Who knows what “hood” involves knife wielding Crip Grim Reapers with swastikas but Icarus is on the job with Terminator glasses to investigate anyway. Most of the rest of the game remains unchanged, meaning that the person who hacked it is only partially fucking insane.

#18: Alice Cooper – Super Mario Bros. 1 Hack

Only seems right that Mr. Shock Rock himself would be surrounded by serpentine power-ups that not only make him taller but also double the presence of his stage makeup.

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