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Top 10 Irish Female Celebrities

If you complain about the lack of passport-wielding, Ireland-residing babes on this list, realize you’re complaining about the likes of Jennifer Connelly.

Why is it that Irish people are the only people who have a national holiday every year to celebrate their alcoholism? Shouldn’t Russia have a national “Vodka Day” and Scotland a “Whiskey Day?”

And why doesn’t America have a national “Cheap Crappy Beer Day.” Sometimes the world just doesn’t make any sense.

#10 Mischa Barton - You can bet that the Paparazzi will be following Mischa in full force tomorrow because there’s a pretty darn good chance that she will have a “dress malfunction” on St. Patrick’s Day.

#9 Anne Hathaway – The Irish beauty claims that she really wanted to be a nun during her childhood. Then she decided to do the next best thing and become the complete opposite of a nun.

#8 Heather Graham – Heather’s Irish parents made sure that she followed a strict Catholic upbringing as a child. Thankfully, it didn’t seem to have any affect on her whatsoever.

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