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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with McSorley’s Live

For anybody that has to endure all of St. Patrick’s Day (and afternoon) clocking in work from a desk, fear not. Through sweet technology, you–yes, I mean you!–can celebrate all the drunken morning/afternoon festivities…through your computer!

That’s right: the famous McSorley’s Ale House in New York City’s East Village has a pseudo-livestream via Twitter, which means that you can watch filthy rich (or unemployed) people get trashy early while you check in on their shenanigans in between your boss doing the rounds.

Man…I wish I could be doing rounds right about now…fuck it, I’m having a beer at my desk. It’s a HOLIDAY, folks. I’m gonna go to the bodega next door, picking up some Tecate then pouring it into my Dunkin Donuts coffee cup (the absolute finest of Irish traditions).