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Ridiculously Expensive Everyday Items

Luxury everyday items: because sometimes, it feels good to buy something out of your price range just to impress yourself. This is what rich people buy everyday, the same way we regular Joes buy household needs, like toilet paper, or internet porn. Disposable delights from the upper echelons of society!

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have a million dollars you probably only thought about the cars, the yachts and the bling, and overlooked the details like what kind of toilet seat or fancy tennis ball cans you’d use.

We tracked down 24 of the most ridiculously expensive everyday items you could blow your wad on.

Concrete Aalto Doorstop – $3500

While the rest of us are using cinderblocks we found outside for doorstops, somewhere in some mansion there’s a chunk of cement holding a door open worth $3500. You may (but probably don’t) notice that this doorstop is shaped like an Alvar Aalto Savoy vase and that’s because it was cast in an original vase which was then shattered to let out the mold.

While the Aalto doorstop looks pretty cool, it may just be a waste of a perfectly good vase (and $3500).

Another Notion of Possibility Box Cutter – $95

Someone who’s spending $95 on a box cutter probably doesn’t do a lot of box cutting, so this solid nickel chrome plated box cutter is probably more of a display piece. Engraved with “Another notion of possibility,” this ordinary object intends to blur the lines between “art” and “stuff”. Perhaps the the answer lies in how you use it.

Posh Instant Noodles – $43

Yep, even instant noodles come in luxury form. For $43 a cup, you can have one of 100 exclusive Pot Noodle cups. Each posh noodle comes in a hand-flocked gold leaf pot and because you like to be civilized while you eat your instant noodles, it also comes with a fork and table linen.

One good thing about the exorbitant price tag: the proceeds go to charity so you can help the less fortunate while you indulge. Source

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