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Today’s Hottest Foreign Female Athletes

Female athletes usually don’t impress me much, but I think that only applies to American female athletes. There’s something about foreign babes and their strict discipline towards athleticism that gets my boner to form a pants tent. That’s my way of saluting other cultures, and I’d like to think it’s honorable.

I’ve been living in America my entire life and I have to admit that I’m starting to get bored with American women. They don’t have that exotic quality, they don’t have those sexy accents…and they don’t have those sexy accents.

I think I’m going to go on a strict diet of foreign ladies for a few years and see what happens. Well, now that I think about it plane tickets are kind of expensive these days and overseas travel isn’t exactly safe. Maybe I’ll just try to find a hot Italian girl at the Olive Garden this weekend instead.

#20 Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain/Cycling) - I don’t know about dating girl who wants to ride her bike everywhere, but Victoria looks like she’s got some wonderful secrets under that dress.

#19 Tanith Belbin (Ontario/Figure Skating) - She’s like a really hot long-haired Dorthy Hamill and there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about a long-haired Dorthy Hamill … nothing at all.

#18 Fabiola Da Silva (Brazil/Inline Skater) – A cute skater chick with a nice rack. What a wonderful new reality Fabiola has created.

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