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Top 20 NES Moments

Nostalgia rears its head everyday on the internet, and its #1 customer is old-school video games (close second being a tie between 80′s movies/music). Basically, the internet is run by 20-somethings who use it to remember a simpler time before computers took over. Case in point: this list of NES moments.

If you haven’t encountered all of them in your lifetime, it’s time you took that NES out of storage and power up that sonofabitch.

20. Final Fantasy – Marsh Cave

Back in the NES days, checkpoints were nothing but a dream. If you died in the middle of a level, tough tootie, you’re starting from the beginning. The Marsh Cave in Final Fantasy taught this lesson well, as it remains one of the most punishing moments in the series.

Unless you had stocked up with potions, armor and a holy cross or two, you were pretty much screwed the moment you entered. But if you made it to the end, the mighty crown was your reward. Unfortunately the value of the crown probably didn’t make up the cost of those 16 broken controllers.

19. River City Ransom – Spa

Recently, GTA‘s expansion pack, The Lost and the Damned, featured a pretty unforgettable pickle shot. But it was not the first time male nudity was featured prominently in a video game. One of the first times was in River City Ransom, which was all about the ass-crack. When you had enough trashcan bashing, you could walk into your local spa and drop trow, showing your bare bum to the world. As a young-un, it was a formative experience.

18. Castlevania III – Grant’s Tower

There’s been a clock tower level in pretty much every Castlevania game, but Grant’s clock tower from Castlevania III really stands out in my mind. First of all, it was punishingly difficult, with a constant bombardment of flying medusa head bitches (sorry, but there’s just no other word that describes them) and instant deaths waiting for you right beneath that rotating cog you’re standing on. Oh, and if you lost all your lives it was back to the beginning. Now toss in the fact that, at the end of the level, you had to fight Grant D’Nasty, a hoppy, knife-wielding bastard that could climb walls. Again, die against him and it was back to the start. BUT! If you managed to defeat him, you could then play through the rest of the game as Grant, climbing on walls and tossin’ knives to your heart’s content. It was by far my most rewarding moment in the Castlevania series.

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