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What Cartoon Characters Say About Alcohol

If you want to hear the finest quotes and standpoints about alcohol, one must turn to the advice of animated characters. Who would you rather listen to, your local preacher or Peter Griffin? Yeah, I thought so.

Some of the most endearing cartoon characters are those those that remind us of ourselves: the ones that get drunk and do and say crazy shit. From babies to robots, their behavior covers the spectrum of the different types of real-life drunks, whether it is charming or outright embarrassing.

The following characters are especially hilarious for the their sometimes philosophical references to alcohol, or what they do and say while under its influence. In any case, the following are the most prominent cartoon characters that like to kick back a few:

Randy Marsh - South Park

- “There’s a reason God made our penises like little hoses, boys.”

- “What Seems to be to the Officer, problem?”

- “Touch my nose to my finger? That’s impossible.”

- “I have some beer to keep my buzz going!”

- “It’s ok boys, I know how to deal.”

Stewie Griffin – Family Guy

- ” I’m tired and I want to go to bed. Everybody! I’m drunk and I wanna go to bed. Just the women!”

- “I think you…are a special person…now now now…come on…I’m being…I’m being serious…for…for a second…are…are you gonna listen to me? ARe you gonna listen to me…so I…can tell you that I respect you?”

- “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’ve never felt better [vomits] wait, now I’ve never felt better.”

- “Hey everybody, I’m going to do something that’s going to…that’s going to freak you out. I’m going to jump from this shelf to my high chair. .I’m going to jump. Are you watching? Are you? Are you? You’re going to miss it…you’re going to miss it.”

- “I’m as OK as your face!”

Peter Griffin – Family Guy

- “Lois, I’m not drunk. I’m just exhausted from a long night of drinking”

- “Hey, who wants to play drink the beer? …”

- “Let’s go drink ’til we can’t feel feelings anymore.”

- “Oh, Lois thank God it’s you! The last few houses I went to were very rude.”

- ” Yah and then Chris starts in with all this Yo! Yo! Yo! stuff and I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about. So I started beating him with a hose and then my arm got tired… so I came here.”

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