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The Best Vomit Scenes on Film

Retching is wretched, and these films make vomiting an art unto itself.

So keep a trash can nearby, hold onto your guts, and click at your own risk.


With a few exceptions (like Hamlet 2), Brit comedian Steve Coogan is known for much subtler, sophisticated comedy. This clip from The Parole Officer is another one of those exceptions.

As if we didn’t already know that queasiness plus G-Forces are a recipe for airborne barf stew, Coogan reminds us with panache. He also reminds us how funny it is to answer a question by simply vomiting. ‘Nuff said.


Torchwood is a spinoff of the BBC’s Dr. Who series.  It’s about a team of secret paranormal investigators in Cardiff, Wales.  We already know that the UK offers some pretty paranormal food to begin with (steak and kidney pie, anyone?).

But it’s even weirder coming out, especially when the person vomiting it up is standing on his head like some opening act from Siegfried and Roy’s Gastrointestinal Mystery Tour.  You’d better put your feet up on your desk so they don’t get meaty chunks all over them.


I still can’t eat pea soup without thinking about this classic clip.

Consequently, I don’t eat pea soup. The Exorcist teaches us that when you’re dealing with an über-demon possessing the body of a little girl, and you think you’ve got them in a corner because their appendages just happen to be tied down, you don’t ask any questions that could possibly be answered with projectile vomit all over your face. What the filmmakers cut was the revelation that the priest’s mother’s middle name was “Pukington.”

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