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Best Celebrity Cleavages of 2009

Breaking down what is considered the best cleavage is a daunting task. You have to factor in many elements, like bust to cleav ratio, crease length and motorboatability (I’m proud of that one). The experts at Manofest do a bang-up job with their list of 2009′s best chesticles, and it goes something like this…

If you look deep into cleavage, you will discover the answers to mysteries of the universe. I looked so deep into cleavage one time that I saw 1,000 years into the future. Let me be the first to tell you that it’s an amazing place and a  world worth fighting for. Cars really can fly and every woman has ridiculously large breasts that are real. The best part is the women of the future all put candy in between their large cleavage and you’re free to grab as much candy as you want without any repercussions whatsoever.

#10 Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly was known as the hot girl on Fright Night Lights before her amazing cleavage sandwich made it’s first public appearance at the Golden Globes. Now she’s known as the final piece of evidence that John Mayer is a douche because he dumped her cleavage for Jennifer Aniston.

#9 Katherine Heigl

Katherine has been taunting us with her cleavage for years and while it’s some amazing cleavage, it’s time for her to show the rest of those breasts. Don’t worry, I’m betting she shows them within the next three years.

#8 Lindsay Lohan

It’s amazing what society will tolerate when you’re smoking hot and have perfect freckly cleavage.

The Best Celebrity Cleavages of 2009 at Manofest.