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14 Artsy Toilets

I spend more time in my bathroom than I do anywhere else in the world. It’s my personal sanctuary, a place where the world can’t bother me with its trivial nonsense; I also shit there. I’ve never thought about dolling up my shitter, but these Artsy Toilets from Listciles inspire me to spend all my income on stylish toilet covers. Still, there’s no way I’m eating out of a mock toilet like one guy from the list–he must’ve forgot the old adage “don’t eat where you shit.”

Toilet Paper Toilet

Self-reflexively points out the vulnerability of the modern toilet and life.

Booty-Trapped Toilet

Reflects our cultural phobia of toilets and, ultimately, death.

Branded Toilet

Reflects late-capitalism’s unending search for even the most distasteful new advertising spaces.

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