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Strangest Condom Ads from Around the World

You would think advertisements for safe sex would be clean-cut and direct, but then again, we’re talking about sex here–nothing is clean-cut and direct.

The following ads (brought to you by Spike) go far outside the realms of normality to let you know that wearing a condom is good practice… and they let you know in the strangest ways possible.

No one enjoys purchasing condoms. It is excruciatingly embarrassing to walk up to the drug store counter with a box in your sweaty hands. You try to act nonchalantly, but at the same time you feel like everyone in the store is staring at you. Because purchasing condoms is a strange and stressful experience, it makes sense that condom advertisements would be equally as strange.

10. Safe Sex Airline

Safe Sex Airlines | Viral |

This weird Dutch commercial shows a flight attendant demonstrating the flight’s safety procedures. The sexy air hostess signals the exits, and then whips out a condom as if she’s about to join the mile high club. This unexpected act draws audible gasps from the passengers who are waiting to take off, not get off.

These passengers have no idea they are on board Safe Sex Airlines. The guys on the flight seem especially unimpressed by the demonstration. They just want to get to their hip hop conference in peace.

9. Become a Love Machine

Love Machine condoms, manufactured by German adult company Beate Uhse, promise to “give longer, take longer.” These condoms make you last so long you can solve an entire Sudoku, join-the-dots game, or crossword puzzle while doing the wild thing. Alternatively it means that these condoms desensitize sex and make it so boring that the only way to get through it is to have a puzzle to solve. Either way, if you’re a puzzle man, this may be the best sex of your life.

8. (Se)Men

(Se)Men | Viral |

If you were stalked by hundreds of fully grown men dressed up as human sperm, you’d probably think twice about having sex, or leaving the house. This scary old school condom commercial from Durex drives home the need for protection. Those se-men are plain creepy.

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