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The World’s Most Expensive Bike

Prove how much you don’t give a fuck about an impending recession by purchasing a Swarovski crystal and 24-karat gold plated bicycle from Aurumania, apparently the world’s most fucking retarded company.

This King Tut’s tomb on wheels will only set you back $102,418.60 USD–a great investment in these troubled times. If you don’t buy it the terrorists win, and we can’t have that. Show your country some real support by blowing 6-figures on a bike. If that’s a little outside of your price range, I suggest you go for the same bike sans crystals (I call it the “Traveling Hobo” version for around $40,000.

And do not fret, Swarovski-crystal and 24-karat gold plated bicycle owners: nobody will gank your golden chariot if you buy a sturdy bike chain and a masterlock. Who am I kidding? This is the most stealable item since rims; the whole bike is like one big rim. I’d smelt that shit down for pure $$$$.

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