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Yeah I know, I’m corny. Any who, ever heard of people with weird fetishes and strange relationships? Well go no further, this is one of the many strange relationships and fetishes that you’ll come across this article. Here’s number 8 from a list of 10 strange fetishes and relationships world wide.

8. Married to a Robot

Zoltan (not his real name)  is a 33-year-old guy from Georgia.  Average height, average looks, and not a rich man. He works in an arcade, where he fixes video games for a living. He’s married —for “real”—to a redhead named Alice  who happens to be a sex doll.  According to Zoltan, Alice (pictured left) is a chatbot, with controls for speech. It also has a built in teledildonic device. Teledildonic devices were invented in the ’90s so that people could have sex through an internet connection.  Although probably not legal, Zoltan says he asked Alice to marry him, and even got a marraige certificate from an online licenser. -Source