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Steampunk Sex Toys

If you have the patience of a Buddhist, the sex drive or a horny teen and the geekiness of a Comic Con attendee, Steampunk Sex Toys are for you.

Steampunk Dildo

An old twist on an even older idea (even though the US patent reads 1988) – when both sexes during the Victoria era became tired of riding their brush handles or bedposts, this steam powered device would come along and save the day. The Steampunk Dildo works not unlike electric or battery powered sex aids of today, but it keeps your getting off experience completely eco-friendly!

Anal Orgasm Monitor

Because it is so hard to tell when having anal sex is giving you an orgasm, this automated machine reads the surges in your…umm…butthole…and can tell when you’re about to pop.

Hydro-Therapeutic Stimulator

Bathing is one of the most relaxing parts of your day – why not combine the other most solo-pleasurable activity, getting off, into the combination.

A small pump discharges water at varying pressures right into the point of pleasure (ie: clitoris) – think of it as a spa or jacuzzi with water jets pointing at just the right angle.

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