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Greatest Ways to Fail the Teenager Audio Test

The Teenager Audio Test is a sound recording that can typically be heard by people under the age of 25. According to test provider Trainhorns, the sound is used as a deterrent for loitering asshole kids in malls with nothing better to do than be asshole kids at the mall (quote may not be exact, citation needed).

If you can hear this sound and you’re over 25, congratulations: your sense of hearing is that of an asshole teenager. If you need help destroying your eardrums like a real man, I recommend playing these at full volume:

Lightning Bolt – St. Jacques

Wolf Eyes – Stabbed in the Face

Naked City – Bonehead

Lou Reed – Metal Machine Music

Hanatarash – Live 1983

Merzbow – Minus Zero

Masonna – Inner Mind Mystique

Not the harshest, but definitely the greatest:

Les Rallizes Denudes – The Last One