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Top Big-Budget Porns

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy an amateur touch in your porn–real-life situations, girl next door types, questionable acting (no different than the act girls and guys put on at bars), the whole shebang. But sometimes I like my porn supersized, which is where AskMen‘s Top 10 Big-Budget Porns come into play.

No. 10 – Conquest

Budget: $150,000 (1997)

Before Pirates, there was a different big-budget porn flick with a pirate theme that paved the way for more high-quality productions.

Conquest was one of the first big-budget porn movies in the adult film industry, and it turned out to be a big hit. With stars like Jenna Jameson, a quality soundtrack and scenes shot on actual ships at sea, there weren’t any questions as to whether the film would be well-received.

After watching the film, we’re sure you’ll agree it was money well spent as you can clearly see they put a great deal of time, money and effort into the whole ordeal. Needless to say, viewers enjoyed what they saw, which opened the door for moviemakers to further invest in the big-budget productions.

No. 9 – Flashpoint X

Budget: $220,000 (1998)

Flashpoint X was a late-’90s adult version of Backdraft, with a plot about firefighters putting out real fires and lighting some sexual ones at the same time.

The highlight of this big-budget porn was that Jenna Jameson was in her prime. At the time, having Jenna was enough, but this movie also had Jill Kelly and Asia Carrera to add some more star power.

Obviously, with the firefighter theme, there’s some cool pyrotechnics and the acting is fairly decent, almost borderline soap opera quality.

With all that added to girls hosing each other down, it’s easy to understand why it attracted so many curious viewers.

No. 8 – Manhunters

Budget: $250,000 (2006)

Wicked Pictures is one of the biggest brand names in the adult film industry, and its 2006 hit, Manhunters, is one of their best productions.

The plot revolves around four female bounty hunters who are on the prowl for bad guys. Think Charlie’s Angels with all of the details that Charlie left out.

Although it isn’t often mentioned along with the more ballyhooed Pirates, the acting, plot and production are well above par, and the final product is comparable to Pirates. The critics agreed, as Manhunters took home seven AVN awards in 2006, and was nominated for 17 awards in total.

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